Special offer

Special offer

Despite of the standard offer, we also provide translation services in a package, tailored to customer needs and expectations.

When subscribing to the Translationxperts translation package, you obtain:

- The lowest possible prices. Flat rates for our services established in advance allow our Clients to enjoy special pricing. The fees are up to 15%-20% lower as compared to the standard price list.

- Priority. The time in which our staff responds to the subscribed Client's query is shortened as much as possible, as is the time assigned for the completion of the service.

- Complexity in one price. The services covered by the subscription comprise of standard and sworn written translations and interpretations. You got it all! The package is individually selected, based on the Clients' needs.

- The price is always the same. Unchangeable service prices. The prices do not depend on the language of translation or the number of hours and pages

- Flexible duration of the contract. Deadlines are adjusted to the individual needs of the Client, as the agreement can be concluded for a period of 1, 12 or 24 months.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!